My Winter in Gangtok Sikkim

Good morning everyone lets start this chilly cold day with a sip of hot tea. Its really very cold here yesterday the temperature was down to 7’C.

I am Really enjoying the winter here. In the morning I go for a morning walk and the whole day i will be in a blanket enjoying a good movie with a popcorn, Or reading my college books or reading some good novels. And at the evening time we enjoy a bonfire with a hot milk tea.

Gangtok is a very good place to visit. It is one of the Indian city and a capital of small state sikkim. I enjoy Greenery here the high mountain, monastry, also the snow in the changu and a great weather here.

I also spend my days taking photos and posting it on Instagram. You can catch me on Instagram too. My instagram Id is akriti__2000

Thankyou for reading lots of love lets meet in the next one.

My Winter night skincare routine

Hi guys today i am sharing my night skincare routine and its so useful and very very effective for me. My skin type is normal and i get pimples quite often mostly during my periods. And during winter my skin looks dry and powdery most of the time. But now I have found a very effective solution for my problems.

In night 30 minute before going to bed i take just a inc of boroline and mixed with a tea tree oil. I am using it since one month and i am getting a better results . I am not getting much pimple and my problem of dry and powdery skin is completely solved. I also moisturize my lips using my lipbalm and take a good 7 to 8 hours of sleep. My skin and lips looks much more hydrated now even in the cold weather of Gangtok.

Watch Video of my skincare and if you want to know the brand of the product i am using please let me know in the comment. Or youcan catch me on Instagram and facebook

My instagram username is akriti__2000.

Lots of love take care lets meet in the new blog.

My Birthday Celebration in Gangtok

Hi everyone today i am sharing my most happier moment that is my birthday celebration. It was my 21 birthday. My Birthday was on 7th January and this year i celebrated my birthday in Gangtok with my friend.

we went to Mg marg. I had curl my hair wore olive green jacket and a mom jeans with a white sneaker. We had chicken rolls,momos which is my favourite. I also had icecream. Icecream in a cold is my more favourite. we had lots of fun in the market.

And in the night we made chicken fry, rice , omlett , kheer and much more. we cut the cake (She was teasing me by lighting only 10 candle in the cake) we danced ,sing a song and had a lots of fun.

My Birthday in the lockdown went well. It was more fun then we expected.

My Short Introduction

Hi guys I am Akriti Lets begin this morning with a sip of a green tea. I am a girl from a middle class family in which being a blogger or anything like that is strictly prohibited. I told my mother i want to do a blogging i have a interest in fashion and beauty and my mother said focus on your studies complete your graduation and get a good job all these blogging and all is just a waste of time. I tried to give many examples of a top bloggers, I also told her i won’t let blogging affect my studies but i failed to convinced her. Anyway i started a blog without my family permission but i am sure they will understand me one day.

I being a Finance and Accountancy Student have a keen interest in fashion styling beauty and makeup. In my blog you will be seeing how i style my clothes, how i do my makeup, my everyday life. How I balance my college studies and other activities like blogging. I am sure we are going to have a fun.

What do you think have i taken a correct decision by starting a blog without my family permission?? Please let your thought in the comment below.

Take care lets meet in my new blog i am sure it will be a fun.

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